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【华体汇登录】再次回应博格巴传闻!索肖:与曼联合同还2年 相信他会专注于此
发布时间:2021-09-29 07:08:04

In the early morning of October 18th, Beijing time, Manchester United will challenge Newcastle United in an away game in the fifth round of the Premier League. Coach Solskjaer attended the pre-match press conference. He said the team needs to get out of the last fiasco as soon as possible. When it comes to Pogba's remarks about Real Madrid, Sochaux still expressed his confidence.

北京时间10月18日凌晨,曼联将在英超联赛第五轮客场比赛中挑战纽卡斯尔联。 Solskjaer教练参加了赛前新闻发布会。他说,车队需要尽快摆脱最后的惨败。当谈到波格巴关于皇马的言论时,索绍仍然表达了他的信心。

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"It's terrible, really terrible. We have to do better. The good thing is that we have two weeks to digest and think about problems on the International Match Day. Whether staying here or helping the national team, everyone experiences Through a positive or negative stage."


"Bruno has a very good saying, we must unite, and then exclude all outside voices. After he joined the team, he brought great changes to the team, of course, he is not used to experiencing failure, but this is football, we have to do It is to work together to achieve our common goal."


"I look forward to them being able to integrate into the team as soon as possible. Pelisteri has participated in two days of training. Although he is still very young, he has some characteristics that we don't have."


"Treis has just flown from Sao Paulo. And Cavani. He hasn't seen everyone because he is under quarantine. The abilities of the three of them can definitely help the team. Everyone is looking forward to their joining. "


"Obviously, as a larger club, we have the responsibility to provide support and assistance to relatively low-level teams."


"The epidemic has brought some impact, and the problem of fans is the key to it. We hope that fans can return to the stadium as soon as possible. This will also be excellent news for other clubs. Let us see what the future holds."


"He was bumped during the game against Denmark. We checked him yesterday and today. I hope he can catch up with the game against Newcastle."


"He has a strong adaptability, so I am pretty sure that his recent performance will not have much impact on him."


"He is a member of Manchester United and will stay here for at least two years. I believe he will focus on Manchester United and hope to see his best form."


"In the next few years, I believe we will get the most from him."


PS: Pogba’s contract will expire next summer, but Manchester United holds a one-year automatic renewal clause. So Shaw’s remarks this time suggest that the team has activated the renewal clause?


"The last defeat had some impact on us, so this time we need to respond appropriately on the court."


"We want to win the next dominant game. We want to see everyone's body language and thoughts. So there is no doubt that our goal for Newcastle is to win. I want to see players who work hard for every point. ."


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