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The story of Arsenal's mascot, Gun Dragon, a guy who has accompanied Arsenal for 27 years! The story of Gun Dragon, written on Arsenal's official website: In the summer of 1993, the team began to rebuild Highbury Stadium (Highbury Stadium), during the excavation process, workers found a boulder. Some people were worried that this was a bomb left over from war, but when they carefully cleaned up the dirt on it, they discovered that it was a huge egg. The staff carefully lifted it out and brought it to a hidden corner. They wrapped it in Arsenal's blanket, and soon it cracked. According to the staff, they were all stunned by the contents of the egg. Inside was a small dinosaur with a round green belly and a long, full tail. It quickly grew to 7 feet tall, and Arsenal equipped him with a full set of equipment including football boots. It stayed at Arsenal since then and found its eternal home. On August 20, 1993, before the match against Manchester City, Arsenal brought it to meet with the audience and announced that the dinosaur was named "Parasaurus". In fact, Rex was designed by a kid: In the 1993-94 season, the Arsenal Club held a competition to design a new mascot for their young fans. Inspired by the "Jurassic Park" released in the summer of the same year, Peter Lovell, who was only 11 years old at the time, wanted to design a huge, cool and handsome, but very friendly dinosaur, representing Assen The swiftness and strength of the football club. Lovell's parents are both Arsenal fans. With their support, Lovell sketched lines on the paper, painted colors, wrote a brief introduction, and did it all in one go. The Gun Dragon was born. A few weeks later, Lovell discovered that his work was included in the shortlist. Then he received a call and a letter from the club, informing him that he had won the game, and the club also invited him to participate in the "first show" of Gun Long. Lovell’s excitement was beyond words: "I saw him, and I hugged him. I felt his comforting hug, the strength of his arms, his paws gently stroking my shoulders, his furry green The skin rubs on my face. It is as real as Santa Claus." "As an 11-year-old kid, designing a Premier League mascot gave me real self-affirmation." More than 20 years later, Lovell's childhood creations still play an important role in his life. Gunlong even brought a gift and a letter from Arsene Wenger (Arsene Wenger) to his wedding in August 2013. Facing the Gunslinger, Lovell was very proud, "I feel like he is like my son. Although I rarely talk to him, it is the coolest mascot in the Premier League. It is the most powerful and interesting. Every When I see the Arsenal match, no matter what the result is, I see it and feel like a proud dragon father." Although it has been more than 20 years since this green dinosaur first appeared, people still feel very surprised every time they see it. For them, Qianglong is definitely a competent mascot and has always spread happiness. If anyone feared it on the day of its debut, people will no longer be afraid today, because he seems to be a happy dinosaur. Whether it was raining, silent, or failure, he was smiling. In addition to representing the strength of the Arsenal team, this behemoth also shows optimism and warmth. At present, the British fans are ready to join in their online support of Gundam actor Quinn, and the mascot cannot leave us! (Original author Wu Mengyue)

阿森纳吉祥物Gun Dragon的故事,他已经陪伴阿森纳27年了华体汇登录! 枪龙的故事,写在阿森纳的官方网站上: 1993年夏天,该团队开始重建海布里球场(Highbury Stadium),在挖掘过程中,工人发现了一块巨石。有些人担心这是战争遗留下来的炸弹,但是当他们仔细清理上面的污垢时,他们发现那是一个巨大的鸡蛋。 工作人员小心地将其提起并带到一个隐藏的角落。他们把它包裹在阿森纳的毯子上,很快就破裂了。据工作人员说,他们都被鸡蛋的内容惊呆了。里面是一个小恐龙,腹部呈圆形绿色,尾巴长而饱满。 它很快就长到7英尺高,阿森纳为他配备了包括足球鞋在内的全套设备。从那时起,它一直留在阿森纳,并找到了永恒的家。 1993年8月20日,在与曼城的比赛之前,阿森纳将其带到了观众席,并宣布该恐龙被命名为“ Parasaurus”。 实际上,Rex是由一个孩子设计的: 在1993-94赛季,阿森纳俱乐部举办了一场比赛,为年轻的球迷设计一个新的吉祥物。受同年夏天发布的“侏罗纪公园”的启发,当时只有11岁的彼得·洛弗尔(Peter Lovell)想要设计一个巨大,凉爽,英俊但又非常友好的恐龙,代表阿森的敏捷和力量足球俱乐部。 洛维尔的父母都是阿森纳球迷。在他们的支持下,洛维尔在纸上勾勒出线条,涂上颜色,写了简短的介绍,并一口气做到了。枪龙诞生了。 几周后,洛弗尔(Lovell)发现他的工作已入围。然后,他接到了俱乐部的电话和来信,告知他自己赢得了比赛,俱乐部还邀请他参加了Gun Long的“第一场秀”。 洛弗尔的激动之情简直无法言表:“我看到了他,我拥抱了他。我感到他的安慰拥抱,他的手臂力量,他的爪子轻轻抚摸着我的肩膀,他那绿色的毛茸茸的皮肤在我的脸上摩擦。圣诞老人。” “作为一个11岁的孩子,设计英超联赛的吉祥物给了我真正的肯定。” 20多年后,洛弗尔的童年创作仍然在他的生活中发挥着重要作华体汇网页登录网站用。 Gunlong甚至在2013年8月的婚礼上带来了Arsene Wenger(Arsene Wenger)的礼物和一封信。 面对枪手,洛弗尔感到非常自豪,“我觉得他就像我的儿子。虽然我很少和他说话,但它是英超联赛中最酷的吉祥物。它是最强大,最有趣的。每当我看到阿森纳时比赛,无论结果如何,我都看到了,就像一个骄傲的龙爹。” 尽管自从绿色恐龙诞生以来已经有20多年的历史了,但是人们每次看到它都会感到非常惊讶。对他们来说,强龙绝对是一个能干的吉祥物,并且一直传播着幸福。 如果有人在首次亮相时担心它,今天人们将不再害怕,因为他似乎是一只快乐的恐龙。无论是下雨,沉默还是失败,他都在微笑。除了代表阿森纳球队的实力,这座庞然大物还显示出乐观和温暖。 目前,英国歌迷已经准备好为高达演员奎因提供在线支持,而吉祥物不能离开我们! (原作者吴孟岳)

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